Organize sleep-stage scoring data in BIDS

I am wondering how people organize the data for sleep-stage scoring when they have polysomnigraphy data.

Looking for some “precedent” on openneuro I can find several options already.

There is a dataset that has 2 events file but one has an acq-scoring entity: OpenNeuro

This one has the scores in the sourcedata: OpenNeuro

For this dataset we don’t know AFAICT: OpenNeuro

Any suggestions? Or other examples out there?

I guess this is the same thing for graphical element annotated from the EEG such as spindles, slow-wave or epileptic activity.
So far, I always merged all the events file since the BIDS recommendation are saying " A single event file MAY include any combination of stimulus, response, and other events" [1].

To me, it implies that we cannot have multiple events files. Maybe the difference between the different event can be explained in the side-card json file

[1] Task events - Brain Imaging Data Structure v1.8.0

yup that would have been my first approach as well but I am curious to see how people tackled this.

There is an option to include HED tags in BIDS that describe sleep stages in a machine readable way. You can use the tags from the HED-SCORE schema library, see here:

For some examples on HED-tags in BIDS, here is a pull request in progress: