OSError File name too long when run recon

Hi, I am running qsiprep (Ver: 0.13.0) on our cluster server. I found this error. Following is the detail traceback:

If you are using Singularity to run QSIPrep, you can artificially reduce the names of file paths by mounting folders with different names. So in your Singularity call you can do something like -B /long/path/to/bids/directory:/mnt and then in put /mnt in the QSIPrep command instead of the full path. You can do the same thing for your output directory (e.g. -B /long/path/to/bids/directory/derivatives:/output) and scratch/work directories too. Then QSIPrep internally will not be dealing with long paths and hopefully the error will be avoided. Does this make sense?


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Thank you. I will try it tomorrow and will response the results here.

Thank you. The problem was solved.

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