Outputs space for 2mm resolution (res-2) in fmriprep/templateflow?

Hi everyone,

We are trying to get fmriprep outputs in template space at specific resolutions. This does not work unless the template has the corresponding resolution files. For example OASIS30ANTs has only res-1, and nothing is produced if I specify res-2. Therefore I have two questions:

  1. Why doesn’t fmriprep resample on the fly the available template to achieve the resolution asked by the user? What antsApplyTransforms needs is just an image in that space, even if it is empty, so normally that can be achieved with a simple ResampleImageBySpacing.

  2. Releated to the first, what file is fmriprep looking for inside the templateflow template when I ask e.g. for res-2? Is it sufficient if I create that file ad-hoc in /home/USER/.cache/templateflow/oasis30ants/*_res-2_*.nii.gz, perhaps with the strategy I explained above using ResampleImageBySpacing?

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