Overlaying a functional connectivity map with a custom ROI in Nilearn

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to overlay the functional connectivity map with ROI coordinates -41, 43, 27 in Nilearn. I plotted the connectivity map using plotting.plot_surf_stat_map function:

texture = surface.vol_to_surf(seed_to_voxel_correlations_img, fsaverage.pial_left)
fig = plotting.plot_surf_stat_map(fsaverage.infl_left, texture, hemi='left', title='Surface left hemisphere', colorbar=True, threshold=0, bg_map=fsaverage.sulc_left, engine=engine)

I separately created an ROI point on a glass brain using plotting.view_markers function. Now, I want to plot the ROI point along with the connectivity map in one surface space but I cannot find a way to do so. I plotted an ROI from the destrieux atlas on a connectivity map as below but it doesn’t seem to be possible with a custom ROI?

parcellation = destrieux_atlas['map_left']
plotting.plot_surf_contours(fsaverage.infl_left, parcellation, levels=regions_indices, figure=figure, legend=True, colors=['g'])

I tried fig.figure.add_trace and plotting.plot_surf_roi functions but none of them were successful for what we wanted.
Is there a way to solve this and add a custom ROI to a functional connectivity map with Nilearn? Any alternative ideas are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!