Parameter Not Defined in tedana's Example Code


I am applying tedana on fMRIPrep output of multi-echo fmri data (included the flag --me-output-echos in my command for fMRIPrep) to preprocess the images. There is a sample code to apply tedana on fmriprep outputs on tedana’s FAQ, but there is a parameter time on line 72 of the code which is not defined in the code. I am not sure how to define that parameter or what to use instead of that as I am new to ME.

Highly appreciate your guidance.

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There are many files in tedana, so we can’t do much with just a line number. Can you post the full traceback?

Additionally, can you include info about the tedana version you use? There is a new template for software support posts that has some fields that would also be useful for debugging.

Sorry if the question was not clear enough.

The tedana version is “0.0.12” and the code I refered to is attached here
auto_tedana.txt (3.5 KB). The code is obtained from this link, the first code on the tedana page.

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Ah, I see. So it’s not the core tedana code. Looking at that example, the problem seems to be that time (which is a library) is not imported. You can add import time to the beginning of the script.

Thanks a lot for your time and guidance, it worked!


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