Parcellate pre-existing brain atlas into n random equally sized parcels

Dear all,

Does anyone know of a toolbox, scripts, function that will allow me to take a pre-existing brain atlas and parcellate into n number of random parcels. Ie., to try and minimised size bias in structural/functional connectivity?

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Hi @gspitz,

perhaps parcellation fragmenter might be a good starting point? Let me know if you have any questions regarding this (also tagging @miykael and @keschenb).

HTH, cheers, Peer

Thanks @PeerHerholz, looks promising.


Hi @gspitz – yes, parcellation fragmenter should be able to help. Specifically, have a look at the Rotator class for randomization. Let us know if you have any questions :-]

Thank you @keschenb!

Will let you know if I run into any difficulties.