Path does not exist error

Dear fmriprep experts,

I am a layman for fmri analysis and fmriprep. I read Luck.Chang’s wonderful tutorial book: Dartbrain. However, when I tried to use the fmriprep on windows, there is always the fmriprep error: path does not exist. But the path indeed exists… Thanks.



Please provide the following information to help us help you:

  1. What is the full command you are using and the full error message?
  2. Are you running on Singularity, Docker, or Python?
  3. Which version of fMRIPrep are you using?

I am guessing since you are using Windows, and the tutorial is written for Linux/Mac-like paths, that you will need to replace the “/” in the paths with “\”.


Thank you for replying.

  1. That is the full command I am using:
    docker run nipreps/fmriprep E:\\learn_fmri\\Localizer E:\\learn_fmri\\preproc participant --participant_label sub-S01 --write-graph --fs-no-reconall --notrack --fs-license-file E:\\lean_fmri\license.txt --work-dir E:\\lean_fmri\work

And the full error is:fmriprep: error: Path does not exist: <E:\learn_fmri\Localizer>.

At first, I guess I maybe typed the path wrong, however, even when I typed the location like: C: or D:, it still says path does not exist.

  1. I am running on docker.

  2. I am using the latest which is 21.0.1 version of fmriprep.

But I indeed replace “/” with ""right… I am really confusing. Thanks.


You will need to mount relative drives to the Docker container with the -v $PATH argument, which would go between docker run and nipreps/fmriprep. Also, you can try using lowercase letters for drive names, such as e:\ instead of E:\.