Permissions issue in out folder

I’m using fmriprep version 20.2.7 via singularity.
It runs great, but the out folder has the following permissions: drwxr-sr-x.
This means the directory’s owner has full read, write, and execute permissions, but members of the user group and other users have read and execute permissions but no write permission. I would like for the output to have drwxrxsr-x. permissions by default for anyone that runs fmriprep; obviously I have these permissions on my account (e.g., when I make a new directory, permissions are drwxrxsr-x.). Any suggestions for how to troubleshoot this?
Thank you for your input.

Hi @Jeremy_Purcell,

You can either add umask 0002 (probably the easier option) to your script before running fmriprep or some chmod commands after fmriprep.