PhaseEncodingDirection misreported in fmriprep html output


Two different multiband data sets collected on Siemens PrismaFit have BOLD acquisition in the phase encoding direction of P > A. Bidskit was used to prep them. In the json sidecars it is correctly translated to “PhaseEncodingDirection”:“j” and “InPlanePhaseEncodingDirectionDICOM”:“COL”.

fmriprep was run, no errors. Data look good. In the resulting html report, however, it says: " Summary: Phase-encoding (PE) direction: Anterior-Posterior"

Is fmriprep incorrectly reading “j” as A to P? Or is the html just reporting an incorrect statement though the correct parameters were input into the preprocessing? Or is it possible we are misunderstanding “j” vs “j-”?

Thank you!!

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