PhD Positions in Computational Neuroscience @ Monash Australia

We are soliciting expressions of interest for PhD positions. The research program of our “Computational Neuroscience Laboratory” has a couple of directions that may be of interest for Engineering/Computer Science/Physics/Maths students with interest in machine learning / artificial intelligence as applied to answer questions grounded in neurobiology. Our research is broadly directed towards:

i) development of neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence schemes to understand how parts of the brain work together to implement cognition

ii) development of multi-modal (for e.g., functional MRI, diffusion MRI, EEG) and multi-scale Bayesian framework, to characterise brain network dynamics (and how these brain dynamics reorganise with different brain pathologies);

Given the high competition for international scholarships, candidates that may have already published a paper would be especially competitive.

The candidates may like to get further information on the application process here: or get in touch by emailing:

The Monash International Doctoral Program deadline is 31st Aug, 2020. So please get in touch at 3-4 weeks in advance to discuss suitability of your profile.

With very best wishes,

Adeel Razi, PhD
Director, Computational Neuroscience Laboratory
Associate Professor | ARC DECRA Fellow | Deputy Head - Brain Mapping & Modelling Research Program

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health
Monash University, Australia |

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging
University College London, United Kingdom

P : +61 (03) 99050109 | T : @adeelrazi | A : Room 116, 770 Blackburn Road, Clayton campus, VIC 3800, Australia