Physio data in ieeg data

We collected physiological data (finger movements) with our ieeg data. When I convert them to BIDS, I get the following error from the bids-validator:

[ERR] Files with such naming scheme are not part of BIDS specification.

I don’t get the same error when I move the same files to the “func” folder.

Is it possible to have physio data inside the ieeg folder?

thank you

This is a current defect in the standard. Would you be interested in helping us update the language to fit the eeg/meg/ieeg modalities? Once the standard is updated, then we can update the validator.

Thank you. I’ll follow up on that github issue (I couldn’t find it when I searched for it. I used the “physio” keyword).

Hi @gpiantoni

It does not appear there is a GitHub issue explaining this. The enhancement would be to this file. This would be adding language that physiological recordings can indeed be ieeg/eeg/meg directories (not just func that you see now)