Pipelines for subject-specific HRF estimation

I want to use FIR modeling and Freesurfer parcellations to fit subject-specific HRFs from motor cortex during a task, and then to use those HRFs in standard whole-brain analyses. Before I spend too much time figuring out how to do this, I was wondering if there are any pipelines or tools already out there that can expedite this.

Tomas Knapen made a very user-friendly tool

(I also made one but I stopped developing it, because of Tomas https://github.com/Gilles86/pyFIR )

There is also https://pyhrf.github.io/

That package looks great- I hadn’t seen it before. I notice that accounting for temporal autocorrelation is listed as a TODO. I think that might be an issue for the analysis I want to do, although I don’t know all that much about FIR.

The API is a little confusing, but the PyHRF’s RFIR function looks like it’s what I need. Thanks!

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