Please contact ADNI's Ask The Experts page if you find a flaw with ADNI data


All ADNI images are manually inspected for quality control, but a few substandard scans or incomplete series have escaped quarantine over the years, for miscellaneous reasons. Now that several DICOM to BIDS pipelines have become popular, ADNI would like to remind users that fundamental flaws in the data should be brought to the attention of ADNI (as opposed to filing a bug report on the pipeline site). That way we can help clear up the problem for you and future users.

ADNI related questions are welcome at ADNI |  Ask the Experts , where questions are forwarded to the appropriate experts according to their category.

If you have a question or comment concerning specific data, please provide, to the best of your ability,

  • the subject ID (DICOM tag (0010, 0020))
  • the scan date, (DICOM tag (0008, 0020))
  • the LONI image ID
  • the series number (DICOM tag (0020, 0011))
  • the series description (DICOM tag (0008, 103e))

(ADNI includes more than just imaging, so the Ask the Experts page will not prompt you for these.)

Thank you,

Rob Reid, on behalf of ADNI