Please tag your posts! (tool name, programming language, brain part, neuro subfield, ...)

NeuroStars is growing, we had 8k users only in the last month. We are noticing many posts (and worse, help requests) that go unanswered. That is not the helpful, friendly type of forum we want this to be.

To help:

  • Use a relevant Category
  • Please TAG YOUR POSTS with one or a few relevant tags - tool name, programming language, brain part, field name, type of request, … (“I have this weird problem in #fmriprep, can someone help?”)

All currently used tags are listed here:
New users might not be able to create tags, if you need something new please post a request in this thread: How can I create new tags?

For direct requests for help, please also tag them #HelpWanted. I will watch this tag and take action on posts that remain unanswered.