Plotting mean and peak accuracies of TDT searchlight analysis

Dear TDT team,

First of all, thank you for creating this toolbox!

I have a question related to creating plots to visualize the results from my searchlight analysis.
I have noticed that besides showing an accuracy-chance map, people often create bargraphs that show the average and peak classification accuracy for certain regions in the brain, to display the results from their searchlight analysis.

I have tried using the code that was provided here , but for many masks, it gave me an error stating: The logical indices contain a true value outside of the array bounds.. Do you have any advice on how to display the mean and peak accuracies resulting from a searchlight analysis? Or any thoughts on how to resolve this error?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi Anna,

Thanks for your question! I think that if you would like to use such code, you have to make sure that the images are all of the same size (i.e. the masks and the searchlight). It seems that the masks may be in a different space, which means this cannot work.

If you would like to rewrite the masks in the right space, I think we might have addressed this in the past. I think there is also an example under the folder utils. Best is to verify the accuracy of the masks after writing them using separate software (e.g. SPM).