Plugin for BIDS - search BIDS data and combine more easily with other data sets

Hello everyone,

We are developing an open source research data management software called LinkAhead and recently wrote a plugin for the BIDS standard for one of our customers. Since it’s all open source (AGPL), the code for this is also available for everyone to use.

Would you like to be able to search better through BIDS data sets and combine BIDS data with other data more easily? Then LinkAhead might be for you.

We would love to get feedback on the integration!

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want to add it to the list of BIDS tools on the BIDS website:

yeah that would be great - how would we go about it?


will open a pull request for the website and you can comment to tell me if anything should be added

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PR is here: [ENH] add BIDS cfood as a tool by Remi-Gau · Pull Request #288 · bids-standard/bids-website · GitHub

preview of the website is here: Brain Imaging Data Structure

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