PNM text file format in FSL

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the PNM gui within FSL. It has very poor documentation and does not clearly specify the parameters for the input text log files.

We are using a Siemens scanner and their Physio log files in attempts to generate an acceptable PNM text file. However I have not been able to generate/manipulate a file that PNM accepts.

Here is a link to the function of PNM

Here is a link to the “User Guide” for PNM

Any feedback is much appreciated!


I’m no expert myself but have recently used PNM. It worked fine when using a .txt or .tsv file that has three columns (no header) for cardiac, respiratory, trigger data respectively.example_physio.txt (977.9 KB)

I’ve attached an example file. It’s not the actual file I used (neurostars doesn’t allow tsv files, it’s dummy data, and I shortened it to be not excessively large).

If it keeps not working, can you share more details on the Error message (as well as FSL version)?