Possible to share only minimal results from a full fmriprep run?

I am running a large dataset with the default --level full flag but I would like to upload/share only the new --level minimal data to save space. Is it easy/possible to do this?

It’s definitely possible. When you say “easy”, do you mean you would like to identify the minimal files to exclude the others? Or “is it easy to generate the rest?”

For the first, I think if you delete any volumes (not surfaces) with space-<label> in them or with a _bold/_timeseries suffix, you should have very close to the minimal derivatives.

For the latter, I would give the following a test:

fmriprep $RAW $OUTPUT participant --derivatives $MINIMAL \
    --output-space $SPACES $OTHER_OPTIONS
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Ah, yes by “easy” I meant if there is a simple method to identify the minimal files. Thank you!