Possible to skip bids validation?

Hello all,

I wondered if there were any flags in fmriprep to skip BIDS validation? I have a massive amount of subjects and files in my BIDS directory, so starting fmriprep is taking a good bit of time.

Thanks much!

I guess this is not BIDS Validation, but pybids crawling that is slow (FMRIPREP does not have BIDS Validator build in). How many subjects do you have? Are they on a remove drive? How long does this initial step take in your case?

Hi @jamielarshanson,

We have updated pybids which we use to browse the BIDS structure. Could you try the latest FMRIPREP version and check whether this is still an issue?


This looks to have worked. Things are much (much, much) quicker.
Thanks for this help and assistance!

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