Post installation: set environment variables PATH and ANTSPATH Error in ANTs installation

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to install ANTs (Advanced Neuroimaging Tools), however the post installation set environment variables is not working. I have gotten 100% build, and installation.
I have followed the instructions on this website
However, when I include
export ANTSPATH=/opt/ANTs/bin/
It is not setting any paths, which results in the commands not working. Essentially ANTs has been installed, but when I try setting my paths it will not registered the paths, even after I have checked the file paths. If anyone has any idea why this might be a problem?
Your help would be much appreciated.


I hope this answer helps both MAC and Windows users
I installed ANTs in Windows Subsystem Linux(WSL) after installation the location of the bin is inside install directory in user’s home directory so the path would look something like below(just providing alternative option to access the bin directory). The location of the bin directory for the MAC should be same as what I am mentioning below.

\\wsl$\Ubuntu20.04LTS\home\p1\install\bin → This is for those who wants to access WSL from Windows File Explorer search bar
p1:$~/install/bin → Linux path
So now we have to set this path as an Environment Variable in the system and the updated path would look like this
On a Mac, this is usually ~/.profile , on Linux ~/.bash_profile
WSL ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc

export ANTSPATH=~/install/bin/