Postdoc in decision-making systems neuroscience — PINTO LAB @ NORTHWESTERN

The Pinto Lab is seeking a postdoc who is excited about studying how neural circuits across many brain areas interact to support decision making, at the interface between experimental and computational neuroscience. In particular, the lab is interested in understanding the circuit mechanisms the control how these interactions are flexibly reconfigured when animals make decisions that use different underlying computations. To answer these questions, the candidate will use a combination high-throughput behavior in virtual reality, optical and genetic tools to measure and/or manipulate the dynamics of single neurons and neuronal populations, and computational approaches to understand both the behavior and its relationship to neural activity.

We are a brand new lab that will open doors in January 2021 at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, located in the heart of Chicago. Come join a vibrant neuroscience community in a highly livable city, working with a young PI committed to mentoring. Please visit our website for more details.

Applicants should be nearing completion or already hold a PhD in neuroscience, biology, engineering, computer science, psychology or other related fields. Coding and/or experimental skills are desirable. We strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented groups to apply. Please send a CV, a one-page statement of research interests and skills, and contact information for three references to Lucas Pinto at