Postdocs position for MRI researcher at Consciousness Laboratory (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)

Consciousness Laboratory ( is recruting postdoc!

The c-lab team is looking for a motivated new team member to join us on the quest for consciousness! The project aims to investigate the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC) in a novel manner by combining cutting-edge structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a broad range of behavioural paradigms targeted at capturing the individual conscious experience (e.g., threshold perception, perceptual illusions, bistability and metacognition). We are first and foremost looking for a person with a strong background in MRI, particularly in structural, resting state and DTI analysis The principal investigator of the project is prof. Michał Wierzchoń. The project is held in international cooperation within SkuldNet and the leader of the consortium, prof. Kristian Sandberg.

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I am a PhD student at C-lab and definitely recommend this place - if you have any (in)formal question about the offer, please send me private message :slight_smile: