Pre-course Python Workshop! -- FAQ

We are so excited that so many of you (nearly 600 students of our ~1750 interactive NMA students) will be joining us a couple of days early for the NMA pre-course python workshop!! Below you will find some important information.

Python Workshop Information / FAQ

  • I signed up for the python workshop. How do I know where to show up?
    The python workshop session TAs are reaching out to their students. Look for their email!

  • Time zones are hard! :sweat_smile: Check your timezone start time. Use the calendar invite that your TA sent you. There are three interactive sessons: Session 1 – 01:30-6:00 UTC, Session 2 – 07:30-12:00 UTC, Session 3 – 15:30-20:00 UTC

  • Our python workshop materials will be available to everyone – You will find them on the Neuromatch Github. We are working on taking the finalized/edited/polished content live so please be patient with us. Python workshop D1 will be finalized by Jul 9 @ 01:30 UTC, Python workshop D2 will be finalized by Jul 10 @ 01:30 UTC.

  • I can’t attend the pre-course workshop. Can I have a recording of the lectures?
    Our materials are available to everyone on the Neuromatch Academy Github. It includes recorded lectures and embedded videos to help you along the way.

  • I believe I signed up for the python workshop and I think I should have heard from my python workshop TA by now because it’s already Thursday… What should I do?
    Reach out to your NMA course TA. They may be able to accommodate you in their python pre-course workshop group.

  • I’m an observer track participant. Can I participate in the pre-course workshop?
    Our materials are available to everyone, everywhere via github! The finalized versions will go live on July 9th and 10th. Check out the link above.

  • Check out our other suggested pre-course materials! It includes materials for a variety of topics including: programming, neuroscience, math and statistics.

Have fun practicing your python!!


Hey folks,

I’m a couple of days late doing the pre-course Python Workshop, and moreover I’m doing the exercises in Jupyter just so I can archive them with other projects.

One problem I’ve run into is with the helper function ‘plot_all()’ which is pre-loaded in colab, but I can’t find the actual def code for it on Github, which would allow me to run it in Jupyter.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

I just found the answer in a separate tutorial: simply double-click on the colab cell that loads the helper function to see the code behind it!

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