Preprocess only one run with fmriprep


Basically the title. I have a dataset with X subjects. Each subject performed 1 task, 5 times (5 runs). At this moment, I do not want to preprocess all the runs, but only one. I see fmriprep has the -t option to specify the task, but because the task is the same for all the runs, it does not work. Any ideas/workarounds on how can I make it preprocess only 1 of the runs?


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fMRIPrep has a --bids-filter-file option to allow for this, see more information in the fMRIPrep FAQs.

Thanks! Worked like a charm

This point is highly relevant to what I need to do. Thanks so much for offering this info.

Could you please include the example you used here (or before)? I am a bit confused on how to use this for a single run (02) of a specific task (but not do it for the rs data)
without messing up the whole thing.

Thank you in advance,