Presentation log conversion to BIDS

Dear community,
we are working with fMRI experiments using the presentation software of neurobehavioral systems for the stimulus presentation. We would like to convert the presentation log file to the BIDS format.
I would like to ask you whether you have a suitable automatized python- or shell-based solution for this conversion?
Best and thanks for the help,

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Was actually thinking about this last week.
Not aware of anything like this but in python but I know that fieldtrip can do some of that in matlab.

I have not tested it though.

Hi Christian,

In this notebook, there is a function (get_timings) that I wrote to parse timings from the logs. Part of the function is specific to my task, but removing a few things and changing some variables should do the job just fine. Let me know if you have any issues with it.


Dear Andrea, dear Remi-Gau,
thanks a lot for your help!
Best wishes

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