Preventing FSL film_gls from using all cores

I’m running FSL FEAT in a custom Nipype workflow on a linux server. As far as I understand, FSL is not supposed to run its processes in parallel unless some specific functionality is installed (e.g.,: fsl_sub: GitHub - neurolabusc/fsl_sub: parallel FSL processing without requiring SGE). However, the processes run by film_gls seem to branch out and occupy all the available cores, regardless of whether the number of cores that Nipype can use is specified. Anybody any ideas on why this is happening and how I can prevent it? It’s blocking other running jobs so it would be great to have a solution where I can somehow set a limit for FSL film_gls.
Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks!

This question may be most suited for the FSL jiscmail list. Indeed, it reminds me of this related topic. Does changing your environment variable to OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS=1 change the behavior?

Thanks for the great advice, this seemed to do the trick!