Probelms downloading OpenNeuro ds002382

Hi I’m trying to download ds002382
It didn’t work with AWS. (The command would run but nothing would happen)

So I’m trying to download it with openneuro-cli
openneuro download --snapshot 1.0.0 ds002382 ds002382-download/

The command runs and I get a folder with all of the files. But the files are much smaller than they should be and the download happens way too fast.
Is the download being interrupted at some point and so the files are incomplete? It’s a big data set 57GB Is there a way to download a subset (e.g. one participant folder)?
I would also be welcome to suggestions of other ways to get the data. But I noticed that it’s not on github yet.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Alex-A14

Thank you for raising this! I tracked this down and it appears this dataset is part of larger database synchronization task. Once in awhile a dataset may become unavailable. We are currently performing a significant backend system migration. Once this migration has been completed we’ll be able to synchronize (making this dataset available)

Thank you,

Thanks so much for the quick update!
Is there a timeline for how long that would take? Even a rough estimate would be helpful (e.g. days vs. weeks).
Thanks again!

Hi @Alex-A14

The current rough timeline is a few weeks. Primarily to give time for the migration to be completed - our backend is fairly large. Once the new system is in place the synchronization will go faster.

I apologize for this inconvenience!

Thank you,