Problem in obtaining B-vector

Hi everyone,

I have dHCP neonate data and I want to bring it onto the template linearly. My concern is about the B-vector. I performed the registration on the neonate image using FSL, but the issue is with the B-vector, which I don’t know how it transforms into the new space. Should I bring the B-vector separately into the new space?
If that’s the case, what tool can be used for this purpose?
Or, when the image goes into the new space, does the B-vector also go into the new space? If that’s the case, how can I obtain the new B-vector from the new image?
I would appreciate it if someone who has information about this could guide me.

Maryam shapourjani

Hi @Maryam.Sh,

Yes, anytime a DWI image is transformed, the bvecs should be transformed with it.

There are a few. I’ve personally used this script . There are probably others though.