Problem uploading dataset to OpenNeuro (not a valid BIDS dataset error)

Hello everyone,
I am trying to upload a dataset onto OpenNeuro. Used the example given in the BIDS specification documentation under Electroencephalography (eeg_matchingpennies). However, when validating for BIDS format there seems to be a discrepancy between the online validator and OpenNeuro, as the online validator says the dataset is in BIDS format but OpenNeuro says there is an error? I am attaching screenshots of the error and validation.


Any suggestions are appreciated!


Could you share the error?

And if it’s your dataset_description.json, could you verify that the Authors field is present? I have a suspicion that might be the root of the discrepancy… OpenNeuro needs author information to create DOIs, and this may have been pushed forward into the initial validation. If that’s the case, then there definitely needs to be a more informative error.

Online validator is also a couple versions behind at the moment. Working on getting it updated. Might try validating with the local javascript validator if possible to get the most up to date version.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your response.

Sure, attached is the elaborate version of the error:

Also, I checked the dataset_description.json and the Authors field is present.


It appears that your “HowToAcknowledge” is a list, instead of a string. The developers recently (last few months) interpreted the spec as requiring a string, while there are some datasets in the wild that have used lists.

There’s an open thread about this change that you may want to weigh in on if you feel strongly that it should be a list.

Hi Chris,
Yup, when the value becomes a string it works! Here is the screenshot with no issues:

Thanks for your help!


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