Professional Development and Social Calendar

Hello all,
We know that scheduling across timezones can get confusing. So please check this Google Calendar to know exactly when different activities are taking place!

This calendar contains the full schedule for the NMA Interactive track, but in this post we’d like to highlight the professional development and social activities.

Professional development sessions are on weekends, They’re marked as “PD” on the calendar and will take place on the NMA crowdcast. You can find more information about those sessions on our github page.

“MzH” refers to Mozilla Hubs social time. These virtual reality rooms are open 24/7 but we have set times during the week and on Sundays that we encourage people to show up and mingle. For more info see these posts:
For links to Mozilla Hubs for Interactive students, check here:
For links to Mozilla Hubs for Observers, check here:

We also have yoga for Interactive students during the week. Please see this post for details:

For more info on the calendar events for Interactive students, see this post:

As always, please know you can find our Code of Conduct on our website, along with a violation reporting form:



I’m an interactive student. When I visit your links, the pages say “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Are the links still active?

For anyone experiencing this, it likely means that your account isn’t associated with the right categories. Please make sure you create your account using the link emailed to you from Neurostars.

What timezone are these sessions scheduled in? :slight_smile:

Depends on the session. If you use the google calendar, you can see the times in your local timezone.