Project fMRIprep preprocessed files in volume space to surface space

Hi all, I have some fMRI data that has been preprocessed using fMRIprep and is in volume space (MNI152), is there a way to directly project these volume data into surface space (HCP fsLR 32K)? I tried running fMRIprep, but it seems it re-ran all the steps even if all the intermediate files were there which can be a waste of time.


If you have your working directory from the old runs, you can specify that with the -w argument. You can also reuse anatomical derivatives with the --anat-derivatives argument. The nice thing about doing it in fMRIPrep as opposed to outside of fMRIPrep is that interpolation happens in a single step, so that minimizes amount of data loss and chances for unstable warps. Otherwise, you can use mri_vol2surf from FreeSurfer.


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