Project presentations

Hi all,

I want to give you some rough guidance about the final Project Presentations. More details will come soon.

  • Please do not worry about your presentations. We want these to be simple and fun.

  • The goal is to tell about your experience in your Project.

  • I’m preparing a short slide deck about content suggestions and requirements (like names of you and your mentors, your scientific question, things you tried). Everyone involved in the project should contribute materially to the presentation.

  • We encourage creativity! You can give a short slideshow recorded in a zoom meeting, you can take a video capture of your Colab notebooks, you can even take a video of writing in chalk on the sidewalk, or even use an interpretive dance about your project (with subtitles please)!

  • The submission format will be a short video, around 3-5 minutes (not 10 min as we said before).

  • Presentations should be submitted before the Intro video on the last day of NMA.

  • Technical details will be coming soon about how you can best deliver it to us (e.g. upload to youtube or some other platform, and share links with us). We hope to allow flexibility here. Again, simplicity is the goal: we want to you concentrate on the learning process.

-xaq on behalf of the Projects team


When is the initial project presentation to the mentor, and when the final project presentation? I couldn’t find the schedule.

Not sure what you mean by initial presentation to the mentor. Has your mentor been helping you last week?

The final project should be uploaded before the beginning of the last day of NMA.

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Dear students,
On behalf of the Project team, I would like to once again reassure you about the project presentations – this should not become a source of worry and stress! we’d like to hear from you about the experience of working on projects as a group, more than anything else (like presenting results or conclusions of completed projects). Details will be announced fully later today, but for now:

  • Project reports (3 slide PDF, a brief description and an optional 5min video) should be done anytime before the last day of NMA. Reports are about the experience, not scientific results/conclusions.
  • Groups will discuss and present their experiences (not the results!) in superpods (mentors can be invited, if students feel like it) on Friday (D15).
  • If you want, you can give us consent to highlight some of the projects (randomly selected), on D15. Highlights will be again about the experience, not the results, and only if you want us to.

Athena, @xaq, @eejd and the rest of Project Team


Is there a template about project reports?

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That is so great that presentations are experience oriented rather than results.

I am reading a book Drive about motivation nature, it says ones we do something for result or reward it makes a game a work.


I think the TLDR version of what @Athena and @xaq are saying is: Don’t worry, be happy and have fun rather than stressing out.


Alex has it right.


I agree, orienting our presentations toward the experience rather than requiring results is a great idea.

With that in mind, is there an avenue to share our results if we would like to? I’m sure a bunch of groups have found some really interesting things that I’d love to hear about.


Presentations are welcome to share results if you want!

Many projects won’t have results, so those projects can share the experience of trying to get results, or learning about datasets, or programming in python, or whatever they’d like.



Aren’t learning a new skill, figuring out which new skills we need to learn, having interesting discussions etc also results? So all groups will be presenting results!


Is the 3 slide limit a hard limit? Our group has 5 people, so we’re wondering if we could have a couple more slides (we have some cool results, too).


Flexibility is the name of the game here. You can do what you would like to do. At least three slides please, keep in mind that things should be short though, that is a big constraint: it is important to be able to Communicate efficiently And this is part of your learning experience.


This is such a great format! And flexibility has allowed us to get creative and learn better, in this and throughout the academy.

The project presentation rubric, in sum: