Projection of preprocessed volumetric fMRI into 40-w cortical template

Dear dHCP team,

First thing comes first. Great thank you to your contribution. I was able to download preprocessed fMRI data through the torrent link.
Then, using warping matrix file “~/xfm/sub-XX_ses-XX_from-bold_to-template40wk_mode-image.nii.gz”, which was also downloaded, I successfully warped individual fMRI data into volumetric brain template.
However, my interest is with fMRI data in cortical space, which was downloaded through the link: Atlases from the dHCP project – Brain Development.

I am struggling to find out how I can project volumetric fMRI data into standard cortical fMRI data, without running the whole structural preprocessing pipeline once again. It would be really appreciated if you can let me know.

BTW, when I visualize cortical surfaces of left and right hemisphere (see below), which was downloaded from * Neonatal cortical atlas (270 subjects, Bozek et al. 2018), using Fieldtrip toolbox ft_read_headshape.m, positions of hemisphere was not paired (right hemisphere is obviously higher than left hemisphere), is it because of the compatibility issue? If not, is it intended? Cortex_Visualization


I am happy to share that I was able to solve the above issue. I am not sure whether it would be useful to the community, but I just want to share how I solved this problem.
Briefly, I generated cortical surfaces (named as “local” versus “global” downloaded from cortical atlas) from volumetric template using dHCP structural preprocessing pipeline, then realigned “local” cortical surface of each hemisphere to “global” counterparts. Given that, I projected global cortical atlas into my “local” coordinate. Finally volumetric fMRI in the template was projected into the relocated “global” cortical surfaces, leading to nice fMRI patterns in the standard cortical atlas.

If you need details of my implementation or have questions/concerns, please reply to this post.