Pydeface angio/veno data

Hi there

Just wondering if veno angio T1’s need to be defaced even though the resolution is poor in order for things to be BIDS compliant.


Hi @aporter1350,

thank you very much for your post and welcome to neurostars, it’s great to have you here.

Your question brings up a very important point. While once crucial aspect of BIDS is indeed the facilitation of data sharing, for which defacing and other measure of (pseudo-) anonymization are important and required to protect the participant’s privacy, these things are not part of the BIDS validation (e.g. the BIDS validator doesn’t check if your images are defaced, etc.). Hence, if you don’t intend to share your data (of course, it would be great if you plan to/can share), defacing is not necessary (except you need it wrt certain analysis steps/algorithms). If you deface, you could include the mask that was used for defacing in your dataset as described here.
If you want to use the web version of the BIDS-validator, don’t worry about applying it to your dataset of potentially not defaced images. Despite the wording (“upload”), none of your data is actually uploaded, which is also furthermore indicated and explained when using this resource.

HTH, cheers, Peer