Python for psychopy

Hello all
I’m having difficulty saving time with my experiment coded in Python and using Psychopy.
I created a clock:

self.imagetimer = core.Clock()

Each time a new image is presented I get the time

self.whattime = self.imagetimer.getTime()

I can see it on the runner; but I’m failing saving it as a csv:
np.savetxt(self.timename + ‘.csv’, np.c_[self. whattime], fmt=‘%f’, delimiter=“,”)

It create the file, but only contains the last value.

I tried adding an append
but then it gets stuck

Do you know what I’m missing?


Dear Lysiane,

It may be better to ask this question in the psychopy forums:

Also as for your question, if not absolutely necessary I’d suggest you to use Pandas or Python’s native file writing IO instead of numpy. Also, I noticed that the function you are calling is called savetxt, but the file you are trying to save is a “.csv” file. Maybe that is the reason your file is not being saved properly.

All the best