Python library to ease behavioural (animal) experiments

I wondered if anyone knows one to recommend an existing library (so a student didn’t have to reinvent the wheel) which could assist in the analysis of behavioral animal (rodent) data. E.g. to describe states and to get analysis (frequency/duration/etc) of the events/transitions between the states etc.

We developed a Python library that aims to ease the analysis of behavioral time-series data. The name of the library is Pergola and we recently published a paper which introduces the tool and provides with several analyses examples. The basic idea of the library is to reformat behavioral data into widely-used genomic formats in order to make use of tools developed in the latter field. The code is public on this GitHub repository. We also have developed a server that allows the visual exploration of the data and additionally, provides with the data formatted to perform further analyses. The library itself can be used to create ad-hoc scripts or instead, as command line tool (with wraps its main functionalities). You can also get more information on how it can be used in our documentation.

Disclaimer: I am the main developer of Pergola.