Python3 development for

Dear experts,

At our institute, we are using the v3.2 beta1 release from Prantik Kundu for automated processing of multi echo data (on a ubuntu 16.04 machine). So far, this has been running smoothly for many months. However, I foresee issues with updates in python.

Given the lack of support for python 2.7 and the stopped ongoing development by the lab from Peter Bandettini, I was wondering if someone has a *newer, preferably stable, version which depends on python3, or maybe working on this.

BTW: I am not yet using fmriprep for that matter…

Many thanks in advance,


This is incredibly late, but most of meica is not continuing to be supported. However, tedana was eventually ported to Python3 and is actively being developed; see here: tedana: TE Dependent ANAlysis — tedana 0.0.12+0.g863304b.dirty documentation

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: we are still using the old on python 2.7
but are looking forward to a stable integration of tedana inside fmriprep.
– JB