Qsiprep 0.18 new recon-spec

Congratulations on the new release of qsiprep 0.18! Do I correctly assume that the problem with the ODF reports during reconstruction persists?

Could you also tell me the recon-spec option to use to test the new “DSI Studio AutoTrack recon workflow”

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dianne_Patterson,

It is still in alpha testing, but please try it out and report any bugs here / to the GitHub repository!


dsi_studio_autotrack. Although the official documentation page has not been updated yet, you can see all of the pipelines and their names here: qsiprep/qsiprep/data/pipelines at master · PennLINC/qsiprep · GitHub


Thanks so much! I am testing, but thanks for clarifying the status of the release!

I had no problem running dsi_studio_autotrack on our HPC!
I did also try the ODF reports again and they crashed the process as expected.