QSIPrep DSI Studio reconstruction not producing QA map?

Hi experts,

I’ve been running the DSI Studio recon workflow, and it hasn’t thrown any errors (successfully producing many files including fa0, fa1, fa2, gfa, iso, ad, md, and rd maps, but doesn’t seem to producing qa maps. Would anyone have insight as to why this might be? The command I’m running (optimized for subject level parallelization) is:

singularity run -B ${subjdir},${recon_dir} qsiprep-0.14.3.sif ${subjdir} ${recon_dir} participant --participant_label ${sub} --recon-only --skip-bids-validation --recon_input ${in_dir} --recon_spec dsi_studio_gqi --fs-license-file='/home/lms233/license.txt' --work-dir=${workdir} --nthreads 8

Thanks so much!

Hi Lucinda,

Sorry for the confusion here. The files named fa0, fa1, etc are actually the QA maps. They’re named to match what DSI Studio calls them internally (if you look in the fib.gz file).

Oh awesome, thank you so much for this clarification! So given that, would the gfa file be a generalized QA map (or combination of fa0, fa1, etc)? Thanks again!

There is a GFA map that comes out too, which sounds like what you’re describing