QSIPrep: Is it possible to manually specify TOPUP images?

Summary of what happened:

From the citation boilerplate

“A total of 2 distortion groups were included in the data data. Distortion group ‘0 1 0 0.063080’ was represented by image 1 from sub-698_acq-b700_dir-PA_dwi.nii.gz. Distortion group ‘0 -1 0 0.063080’ was represented by image 7 from sub-698_acq-b700_dir-AP_epi.nii.gz.”

I understand from the documentation that the algorithm performs a calculation similar to the developmental HCP pipelines based on pairwise spatial correlations, but I was wondering whether it was possible to tell qsiprep which images to use for TOPUP? For example, I would like to use the image 1 (first image attached) to TOPUP instead of image 7 (second image attached), would that be possible?

When I examined the confounds tsv file (in /qsiprep/<subID>/dwi/), I also could not see a “selected_for_topup” column, so I was wondering if there was another confounds tsv file I was not locating.

(The column headers I have are: framewise_displacement, trans_x, trans_y, trans_z, rot_x, rot_y, rot_z, eddy_stdevs, original_file, grad_x, grad_y, grad_z, bval, image_mean, series_b0_mean, series_b0_correction, DWIDenoise_pre, DWIDenoise_post, DWIDenoise_change)

Command used (and if a helper script was used, a link to the helper script or the command generated):

export APPTAINERENV_FS_LICENSE=$GROUP_HOME/freesurferlicense.txt
singularity run -e --containall --writable-tmpfs --cleanenv \
/home/groups/jyeatman/software/singularity_images/qsiprep-0.20.0.sif \
/scratch/groups/jyeatman/howard/DBP3/bidsfull \
/scratch/groups/jyeatman/howard/DBP3/qsiprepfull participant --participant-label sub-$SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID \
-w /scratch/groups/jyeatman/howard/DBP3/qsiprepfull-work \
--nthreads 10 \
--omp-nthreads 8 \
--output-resolution 1.2 \
--infant \
--pepolar-method TOPUP+DRBUDDI 



Environment (Docker, Singularity / Apptainer, custom installation):


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Hi Howard, it looks like a b>0 image is getting picked from both of these. You definitely don’t want these being used for TOPUP. Are you including bvals and bvecs for your epi fmaps? This is a case where it would be very useful.

(related to [DWI] Allow bval and bvec for PEPOLAR fieldmaps · Issue #1724 · bids-standard/bids-specification · GitHub).

Hi @chiuhoward,

An alternative in the meantime would be to use a tool like fslsplit to get only the volume you want out of your fieldmap file, and keep that in the fmap folder with a BIDS-valid name, and use a --bids-filter-file to ignore the full fieldmap file.


Hi Matt,

If I am understanding the GitHub link you posted, I would include the original bval and bvec files and rename them

/bids/<subID>/fmap/<subID>_acq-b700_dir-AP_epi.bval and /bids/<subID>/fmap/<subID>_acq-b700_dir-AP_epi.bvec respectively?

Then I’d make sure that these filenames appear in .bidsignore and rerun my qsiprep script? (in which case I should expect that TOPUP can pick up these bval and bvec files when performing the spatial correlation calculations?)

I’m also unsure why the fmaps turned out like this - the bval files look ok [0 0 700 700 700 700 700 700] and the bvec files looks like this



P.S. I also just saw Steven’s reply, will try that to get the first volume in case the other workaround doesn’t work.

Your solution with .bidsignore will also work. We use that for most of our datasets.

Thanks @mattcieslak and @Steven, including bval and bvec for the fmap with .bidsignore helps TOPUP to automatically select a “better” image!