QSIprep Reconstruction - NODDI and FA Scalars


Quick question for reconstruction pipelines: Does Qsiprep rewrite the output directory if I run two separate reconstruction pipelines at different time points?

For context - I currently have resources to run NODDI but I also want FA scalars. If I run NODDI and then FA, will it overwrite the directories?

How would this work for {subj}.html output? Will it update?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tejaswi,

From my experience, QSIPrep will simply add the resulting scalar files to the output directory, and not clearout things that already exist there. But, you can always test with one subject to make sure. I think HTMLs will update accordingly (at least they do with fMRIPrep when I run tasks one-at-a-time, and the two apps share a lot of code), but again, you can try with just one subject to make sure.


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