QSIrecon mapmri

Summary of what happened:

I ran mapmri in QSIrecon and separately with DiPy.
I noticed that DiPy produces the NG scalar (non-gaussianity), but qsirecon does not produce this.
Is there a way to add the ng scalar to the qsirecon pipeline?

Thank you.

{ "description": "Reconstruct dwis using Dipy, then convert to mrtrix and dsi studio formats",
  "space": "T1w",
  "name": "dipy_mapmri",
  "atlases": [ ],
  "nodes": [
      "name": "mapmri_recon",
      "software": "Dipy",
      "action": "MAPMRI_reconstruction",
      "input": "qsiprep",
      "output_suffix": "MAPMRI",
      "parameters": {
        "radial_order": 6,
        "laplacian_regularization": true,
        "laplacian_weighting": 0.2,
        "anisotropic_scaling": false,
        "bval_threshold": 2000,
        "dti_scale_estimation": false,
        "write_mif": true,
        "write_fibgz": true