Qsirecon workflow documentation

Thanks for your tremendous work on this project! I’m finding that the documentation ?may? have a bug…

When I’m redirected to the API for reconstruction workflows all I see is:

Reconstruction Workflows

…automodule:: qsiprep.workflows.recon

Hi @dw48631 and welcome to neurostars!

Where are you getting directed to this from? If there is a mistake in the code somewhere that is creating an erroneous link (e.g., in the boilerplate citation / documentation generator), then that should be documented as an issue in the GitHub Repo. The reconstruction workflows can be found at Reconstruction — qsiprep version documentation.


Awesome thanks! In the link you sent, there’s a section heading called Pipeline nodes, and in the second paragraph of that section in the last sentence reads: “ Possible options for "software" , "action" and "parameters" can be found in the Reconstruction Workflowssection.” the hyperlink in that sentence seems to link to a section that doesn’t have any content.