Quality assessment for HCP-Aging preprocessed data


Our lab is in the process of HCP-Aging preprocessed data. This is our lab’s first to use HCP data and we would like to do quality assessment on those preprocessed data (for sanity check and for our own learning experience).

We have the following questions and would appreciate it if any one has suggestions.

  1. We would like to evaluate the co-registration of EPI and T1w. Although HCP pipeline will generate a file named “T1wMulEPI.nii.gz”, this file is not included in the released data.
    We are wondering if there is any way that we can calculate this manually? Or is there alternative way that we can evaluate the co-registration between EPI and T1w for HCP preprocessed data?

  2. We would also like to evaluate the mapping of the preprocessed fMRI (e.g., *Atlas.dtseries.nii; *Atlas_MSMAll_hp0_clean.dtseries.nii) to cortical surface and subcortical volume structures.
    When displaying those dense time series data on wb_view, we observed that there are some black spots (e.g., in inferior frontal, middle and inferior temporal, please see the attached images below (single subject REST2 AP and PA runs)). If we understand it correctly, the colors on dtseries file represent the BOLD activation. Does this mean that those black spots are signal loss? Should this be concerned?

Any suggestions and opinions will be very helpful.

Thank you.