Question about calculating DVARS and sorting out motion outliers in subjects of dHCP dataset

Hi all,

I am trying to sort out motion-outlier volumes in each subject and exclude subjects with more than 160 motion outliers.
At first, I applied the “fsl_motion_outliers” command to preprocessed functional data and found only 4 subjects were going to be excluded. This figure isn’t consistent with that in a paper written by dHCP group ( After comparing the “fsl_motion_outliers” script and the “dHCP neonatal fMRI pipeline” scripts, I realised it’s because I shouldn’t use preprocessed functional data to get outliers. I might have to run calculate DVARS after the raw functional data are motion and distortion corrected and before the data are cleaned (ICA + FIX), which means I need to do PRE-MCDC and MCDC steps on the raw functional data. Is my assertion on the raw data correct? If yes, these steps may need quite a bit of work.
Does anybody know if the list of the number of motion outliers in each subject have been provided somewhere? Or is anybody of the dHCP group able to provide this list?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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