Question about ConvertSurface (AFNI)

Hi experts,

I used ‘ConvertSurface’ to convert the surface between gifti file and mni.obj file. When I convert obj to gifti, it works. But when I convert the gifti back to mni.obj, the new obj file can’t be opened with mnitools. Can you tell me why or give me some advice?

ConvertSurface -i ${in}  -o_mni ${file}

This is the line I used.

Any reply would be appreciated!



We haven’t changed the MNI obj format in AFNI for a very long time. Does the output have the .obj extension, maybe using “-o_mni test.obj”? AFAIK, the obj format is a relatively simple text format. You might look at differences converting back and forth. There are some tips here on converting with some other tools too. It looks like is the most recent method recommended by the MNI folks.