Question about "Estimated fieldmap and alignment to the corresponding EPI reference"

I’m looking at the fmriprep reports from fmrirep1.5 for my dataset, and I’m not quite sure how to interpret/evaluate the (new to fmriprep 1.5?) section: “Estimated fieldmap and alignment to the corresponding EPI reference”, specifically, the red and blue highlights.
Here is an example:

My primary question - what exactly are those colors representing? And, what pattern or intensity would suggest that there’s something wrong/wonky about the pre-processing or the data?

Thanks in advance.


I’m also curious about these speckles visible in z=19 (new screenshot from different subject).

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I’m also trying to perform preprocessing ds000224(Midnight Scan Club dataset) with fMRIPrep.

When I performed fMRIPrep for the first time, the results of Susceptibility Distortion Correction didn’t come out. So I added the “IntendedFor” field into 3 json files(magnitude1.json, magnitude2.json and phasediff.json) as below and add them(3 json files) under fmap folder of each session.

I didn’t know whether changing the BIDS structure is acceptable, but somehow it worked and the report showed Susceptibility Distortion Correction images.

But “the estimated fieldmap and alignment to the corresponding EPI reference” came out and it seems strange as @mphagen metioned.

“IntendedFor”: [

Does anyone know how to fix this, or is this image showing correctly the magnitude of displacements?

Thanks in advance.

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