Question about Fieldmap-less distortion in QSIPrep


The question: Does QSIPrep use the method described in this paper?

I recently came across this paper (Wang et al., 2017) which seems to suggest that fieldmap-less distortion tended to outperform distortion correction based on an acquired fieldmap in terms of FA test-retest reliability. They describe the fieldmap-less method as

To evaluate the scenario where no field map was acquired (Figure 3) we used ANTs SyN nonlinear registration of the unweighted diffusion image to a bias corrected (using FSL FAST) and skull-stripped (using ROBEX, a robust, machine learning-based brain extraction system (Iglesias et al., 2011)) T1 image.

I know QSIPrep uses the same fieldmap-less distortion as fMRIPrep, but I cannot find a citation on fMRIPrep’s distortion correction webpage, although it looks like it also uses ANTs SyN. Can someone confirm whether or not QSIPrep/fMRIPrep use the method described in the paper?


It is indeed the same (newer version of QSIPrep citation boilerplate confirms this). Figure I’ll leave the question up in case anyone else was curious.