Question about HCP dataset -- Relational and Emotional tasks


My group is trying to compare between the emotional and relational tasks using the HCP dataset.

We are trying to identify the elements in the list created in the time series data. Namely, we are trying to figure out which column corresponds to the RUN vs. the CONDITION. When we moved on to the next section in the collab document and tried to run “Error” vs. “Match” (or “Relation”), we were not able to get the code to run; it only worked with “Match” vs. “Relation”. Basically, we are having trouble understanding how the columns of data are set up wrt the task-based fMRI.


I don’t know if you’ve already caught this or not but part of the problem is that you’re missing a parenthesis at the end of your timeseres_task1 code after “…concat=False)”

Yes, I noticed that as soon as I saw it in screen shot form (of course!). Thank you! The issue with the emotion data seems to come up later wrt it’s size issue.

was the issue with the selective averages function?