Question about HCP1065

Hello. For our work, we need to use the HCP1065 atlas by Yeh et al. We would like to clarify with you how the tractogram of the whole brain was obtained, as well as obtaining the streamline file for a specific atlas.
Sincerely, Heinz A., MD.

Hi @neuroheinz and welcome to neurostars!

Have you looked through the following resources yet?


Thank you very much, @Steven ! Yes. I will clarify the question. I would like to know the steps that should be taken in order to get from the atlas to Population-Probability Atlas and Tract-to-Region Connectome (Yeh, 2022) | Brain Image Data by Yeh et al. get an improved atlas, which is used in dipy and described in the dipy documentation.

Can you provide a link to the DIPY documentation you are referring to?

Thank you so much for your interest in the problem. Link to the documentation: DIPY — dipy 1.8.0 documentation . We would like to use the new version of the atlas, but the documentation misses the stages of refinement “from the original to the working version”.

What function are you referring to when you linked that page?